The step-by-step guide to install the gutters for your home

Gutters are an essential part of any home. Installing them can be somewhat strenuous, but must be done. While the difficulty is only moderate it is recommended to have a second person to help take the load off of yourself.

Even if you following these steps correctly it can take up to 12 hours to complete a job like this depending the size of your home. This can be astronomically more complex when dealing with a house that has multiple stories. With an average cost of $2 per foot, this particular “17 steps¬†gutter installation guide” will be inexpensive and easy to follow for you or anyone.

  • Measure along the edge of the roof to determine just how long each piece of the gutter needs to be.
  • Apply silicone sealant to the inner side of the aluminum end cap Connect this cap with the edge of the cutter and crimp it to secure the connection.
  • Cut the gutter to a proper length per your measurements. This is made easy with a hacksaw or tin shears
  • Apply pre-mitered aluminum corner to gutter.
  • Attach to the second end of the gutter, another end cap. Rivet the corner to create the 90-degree corner necessary to create a connected system.
  • Drill a 3-inch diameter hole through the underside of the gutter. Using sealant and rivets, attach an outlet to this opening.
  • Hold the cornered gutter in place against the edge of the roof.
  • Use a level here to position the topside of the gutter. Never allow the front edge of the gutter to overlap the roof.
  • Overlay a gutter-mounting bracket into the high portion of the gutter. Drill a pilot hole through the gutter to prepare. Drill a secure connection from the gutter to the fascia of the home.
  • Adjust the pitch of the gutter. This is to assure that the drainage of the water matches up with the downspout you have planned. And where is will be installed.
  • Screw the brackets into each mouth of the gutter. Place them facing down into the spout.
  • Place the elbows into the upper opening of the downspout. Screw these into the elbows of the gutter.
  • Screw two aluminum wall brackets into the home corners.
  • Slip the elbow of the gutter over the mouth of the downspout.
  • Hold the spout in place by driving it into the wallboards with your drill.
  • Dig a trench leading form the lower end of the downspout and away from your home. Build a PVC pipe that this can drain into (4 inch diameter)
  • Attach the drainpipe to the lower end of the downspout. Lay the pipe into the trench and watch your creation flow.

This is a difficult operation to do all at once. It is an all day job so try to find some help to make it go by faster. Automatic tool are also the way to go to alleviate tension and stress. Contact a professional at Tip Top Eaves if necessary to complete the job.